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..PAGE 10.... AUDIENCE AT THE BORDERLINE THURSDAY 25th MAY 2006.. Bottom of Page

....Far Left, Promo flyer with wrong Date! Sunday 1st October (it was Sat 1st) And Ticket for Gig.

..Set off Tottenham Crt Rd / Manette St in Orange Yard, the Borderline is at the end of an alley. The front of the club has big brown wood doors. Picture a bit deceiving, but gives a general idea to entrance to club.

Saturday 1st October at around 8.45pm (although the Borderline flyers for the event had Sunday 1st as misprint ) Audience took to the stage with a great cheer from the eager and loyal Audience fans.

"look no hands" Howard in his usual upbeat manner introduced the 1st song of the night from House on the hill "youre not smilin" with faultless playing and near perfect vocals the by now signature opening song was as if time had stood still and it was as fresh as the day it was first played a few moons ago now. A really great new live version which you must hear now available on new alive & kickin CD. available from Howards web site ....www.luminousmusic.co.uk

Next top E string on the baldwin nylon strung guitar detuned probably to D for Jackdaw, again from H.O.T.H. and Audience burst into the song with howling Sax from keith allong with the quiter flute section and then bursting into Trevors Fuzz Bass section which the crowd loved. John Fisher's drumming was the tightest playing thus far.

The ALEPH from Howards solo King Brilliant was next but 1st the guitar's E string had to be retuned up.Keith played flute with Howards guitar for the start of the Aleph (John played electric piano on Howards solo gigs at Brighton and Barnes).

Man on Box from the 1st album titled Audience. You would have thought you were listening to the album it was so close.

Keith's solo spot a fine ditty called Call me responsible with wailing echo on the Sax lead into a version of James Browns The Bells.Hear both these fantastic sounding versions on the Live & kickin & screamin & shouting CD. Howard was on fine vocal form for the entire evening apart from the Balwin's lead playing up slightly.

The Beatles I wanna be youre man was given the Audience makeover Howard says this is his "strange version" of the lennon Mcartney classic which the Rolling Stones had a hit with, and he's not wrong using totally different power chord's and vocal's it feels like a totally different song.

Trev's Bass work and backing vovals were impecable all evening a great cheer given on his fuzz Bass solo during Jackdaw.Back to the 1st album for Leave it unsaid again you would be hard pressed to think this was over 30 years since it was written and played Keith's clarinet work was faultless.

From Howards Evolution cd Zig Zag and swirl. A really excellent song that sits well in the Audience gig list.

Lunch's In Accord (or as i have seen it elsewhere inner chord ) I was hoping for the guitar and clarinet intro as its one of my favourites but the song went straight into the vocals but i still enjoyed it greatly. I was also looking forward to Ain't the man you need from Lunch as Howard played it with John at his solo gigs, but alas not played this night.

One of fan's favourite's I had a dream, which is also one of my other half's Audience favourite's next, just quitens the room slightly.

New to set allong with In Accord from H.O.T.H. Nancy. Howard declaring to the crowd after some banter regarding songs they wanted to hear "Nancy, A right Nancy". and then into the tongue twister of a song but he delivered perfectly and the band went into a fine furious ending.

Title track House on the Hill played next with keiths screaming sax playing.

Howard states that's the end of the set with the audience screaming for an encore of there favourite song "Indian Summer,Stand by the door" ect someome even came out with a song that was not any thing to do with Audience,The band left the stage.

The Band came back after a pulsating applause and screams for more,Into it brings a tear for a 1st encore lastly Nothing you do from Friends then the evening was over all to soon. roll on next one.

New mugs and other merchandise with the lunch logo available from Trev Williams email address fox@foxproject.org.uk..and at the live gigs...New live CD recorded at the Astor Theatre Deal Kent December 2004 availble from Howards Web site... www.luminousmusic.co.uk



...Songs list....(Thanks Ian)- Jackdaw I Had a Dream- Man on a Box- In Accord- Zig Zag and Swirl- You're Not Smiling- Call Me Responsible- The Bells- The Aleph- False Prophets- Nancy- The House on the Hill- Indian Summer- Nothing You Do- Leave It Unsaid.

...Thursday 25th may 2006. After all the rain we had that week (there is a drought on so they tell us) it was a pleasant surprise to travel up to London's West End on a sunny and hottish afternoon to the Borderline Club Manette st just of Tottenham Court Road. The 1st time since last October at the same venue I had got to see mess’s Werth,Williams,Gemmell, and fisher collectively known as Audience in concert.

Poster (Thanks Dave) and Ticket ...Similar ticket to b4. The Borderline Club set in Manette St at the end of a small cul-de-sac called Orange Yard. Its a venue that is down a small flight of stairs, with flyers of the forthcoming acts posted on the stairwell as you go down to the club proper. Once inside it is a medium size club which can hold a surprising number of Audience Die hards.Its quite dark with the slightly raised stage to the right of the Bar, and a smallish Dance floor in front of stage, but overall sound quality and atmosphere are pretty good.

The stage B4 the event. Talking to Trevor before the gig he told us they had little time to do sound checks. Apparently Howard’s car would not start , and therefore could not meet John to be picked up with his gear.A call to john who was expecting to leave for the gig, and John had to travel to Howards house in the opposite direction to collect said HW.At the venue B4 gig Howard was obviously a bit p?*:*@ of with his car situation as he had just paid out a small fortune to 2 separate garages to fix the problem of it not starting and they had swapped a new battery he had just bought for an old one from a totally different make in the process, but still it would not start. So the Band were going to play straight out of the box and did not know what the sound was going to be like. Apparently the club would not allow sound checks once the doors were open for the paying public.

Even so once on stage Howard was tuning the "Jolly Green Baldwin" by improvised backing melodies to the house music, which so happened to be a country and western song (goes with the original idea of songs on "lunch" starting life as C+W songs) and you would have thought it was meant to be on the record it was so close.Trev was using new Bass Guitar (a particularly pretty pink colour) and Amp which gave him a couple of hiccups a few "fretless" moments. Keith on the left of the stage checked his Sax Flute and Clarinet in his usual cool manner a few Becks helped. John tapped and rolled a few beats had a ciggie, and then they were ready.

The truly wonderful throat ripping "Jackdaw" was the opener, never get tired of hearing this epic song. Starts with Howard playing around the D chord then when the rest of the Band come in just a glorious wall of sound, as all us Audience fans know it just sounds fresh now as when 1st released a few moons ago.

HW www.luminousmusic.co.uk setting up song prompt on his laptop. Possibly looking for the words to "Troubles" 1st song he ever wrote with the original words being as he said "Car Brakes" which his Brother steered him into changing to "Snow Flakes" instead at the time. Mind you with his current car problems, probably would fit in fine at the moment.

Keith has recorded a non Sax instrumental cd, he said he wont release as unsure of take up and does not want boxes of cd's under his bed.But he might copy at a cost if anyone wanted a copy.http://www.keithgemmell.com/ Keith's movement from Sax to Flute and Clarinet always seems effortless but this is how a true great "Wind Man" makes the playing look, just beyond us mere mortals to comprehend the years of solid practice and dedication of perfecting and honing his craft.

Check page 13 for Trevors Audience Album..www.foxproject.org.uk ...fox@foxproject.org.uk Trevor with his new Bass and amp set up B4 the gig was expressing his dislike for playing fretless Bass Guitars

John Fisher told us of the Canadian trip and how he had a great time in between gigs doing "typical tourist sightseeing events". He was in great form despite the journey woes to the venue. Good solid beat perfect professional drum work all evening. John has fitted in perfectly to the Audience sound. Johns taking his finals to a music degree in Canterbury over the next few weeks, so we wish him well and good luck in his quest to pass with flying colours.

"What key is In Accord in" Howard asks a bemused Trevor Williams "I really can't remember"

"Its in C" Replies an eyebrow lifting Trev Williams, and into a fantastic thumping version with screaming Gemmell sax playing and Bass notes that make the air vibrate. Loved the new improvised start Howard played to False Prophets saw him do this song 2002 solo in deal with a married couple mr + mrs smith accompanying him.You could see from the reaction of the other band members that this was not the same start as in rehersal but no matter it all gelled together wonderfully with Howard doing some strange eerie vocal warbling / chanting in mid song. Indian Summer I know the Band do not like playing but to me its just a fantastic song.Simple song structure around G perfect song length with that Gemmell wall of brass sound, entwined with flute in between verses. Was probably more famous abroad but since I was young have loved.,and to hear it played live on stage just bliss. Thanks Guys.