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...Page 11 Audience at the Camden Underworld. Saturday 26th March 2005.

...The night a Valued and Vital "member" of the Band refused play !

...Front of venue. Main entrance left in picture.

.Ticket for the event.The evening had 3 Bands. Green Ray, David Olist of "The Nice" stable mates at Charisma Records with Audience. The Venue was fairly packed out with an eager crowd! The crowd was split into 3 lots of followers with Audience fans taking the Lion share, and probably converting a few of the others on the way.

.Ticket for Previous Audience gig with Welsh Rockers Man.

..Audience take to the stage launching into "you’re not smilin" a true Great song sadly unknown by the wider public at large. Their loss I suppose our gain!

..Everything goes well.

..HW gives it some welly.

..Trevor not happy with something he can hear!

..The Band play on.

.John checks the Drumsticks are in tune.

..Keith just stays cool.

.."this does not sound right"

.." I dont think the Baldwin is working Trev"

..Trev cant believe it (Meldrew moment) "No not the Baldwin"

..John needs a ciggy after such devasting news.


Above Keith upon hearing the news changes in front of our eyes just proves he cannot be an Earthling, he plays far far to good to be from this Planet.He must be from the Constellation Altosaxo.


HW Luckily allways brings a spare, well you never know do you. Somehow looks a bit strange though without the Baldwin.