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...Page 12 Audience at the Boom Boom Club,Sutton, Surrey, Sunday 11th June 2006

..Set list.. Jackdaw,The Aleph, I had a dream,Man on a box,In Accord.Raviole,Youre not smilin.Call me Responsible / The Bells. False Prophets, Nancy,House on the Hill.Leave it Unsaid.

...Flyer for Boom Boom ..Ticket for Gig bit plain!..

On a very Hot June Sunday Afternoon we made our way to the Boom Boom Club Sutton Surrey which is part of Suton Football Club. The event was put on by Pete Feenstra live music venues.This being a return for the Band who played here last year in 2005

...The front entrance of the Boom Boom Club is a bit deceiving as once inside its quite pleasant .A medium sized venue with a fairly low level stage at the bottom end and a bar the other end near the entrance. Sound is always good and you get to see everything thatís going on, you could not get closer to the Band if you tried, and parking is great no congestion charge here.

...The stage before the band played at the Boom Boom

...Audience on stage Howard and co bursting into Jackdaw as opener. Audience official website address:.www.audienceareback.com

...Side view of band on stage.

...Pete Feenstra introduced the band saying every time the band appears its F#?@£$G Hot. but last year they played in March and it definitely was not that hot, except for the music.

...Trevor with his new Pink Bass Guitar and matching Pink shirt (very fetching) getting stuck into the fabulous fuzz laden with other effects included solo section in Jackdaw.Trevors email for purchasing Audience merchandise and just telling youre stories about Audience past and present..www.foxproject.org.uk..email..fox@foxproject

...John was excellent again and on a very hot evening was suffering for his art. Johns just completed his degree in Canterbury and has to wait for his results, but we think he will pass ok.

...Howardís vocal work seems to get better and better with every gig thatís passed. Jackdaw a very difficult song to perform was faultless. Having seen other bands from the past, a lot of the lead singer's have lost the power in there voice. Howard has seemed to defy time in that the sheer energy in the vocals and indeed performance is as good if not better than before. Long may it be so. Good luck to Howardís son Louie who is sitting his exams and progressing well with his band Awkward.Howards web site is..www.luminousmusic.co.uk..email: luminousrecords@hotmail.com

...Keith even had to succumb to the heat wearing shorts and it was a good decision with the energy he expels whilst flitting between Sax, flute, and Clarinet. Loved the sound during Howardís False Prophets from Ev Myth Ex cd. Keith got a bit of feedback at start of Call Me Responsible Howard Stating the "Martians are coming the Martians are coming" but it did not deter Keith from delivering a fine solo Sax section leading into the Bells with full group participation. Keith kindly gave me a copy of his cd entitled. The Windhover with this explanation on the cd itself of the inspiration behind the music.

Orchestral music depicting a bird of prey, inspired by the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem of the same name

This is an enhanced audio disc. In other words you can play the music in the normal way, using your CD player, and read the data using your computer's optical disc drive. Extras include the poem, planned artwork for the final release and a bonus track entitled Silk City.

How the Windhover, as a piece of music, came to be

Back in 1971, my girlfriend and I used to regularly exchange love-letters whilst I was on the road with Audience. Jackie was a keen wildlife enthusiast before it ever became fashionable and country walks, bird-watching and even wild flower pressing were new-found activities for me at that time. But I have to admit; the wild flowers seemed a touch un-cool and not exactly rock 'n' roll, if you know what I mean. Birds of prey, on the other hand, were far more exciting and quickly captured my imagination. So being a true romantic, Jackie included a poem - The Windhover, by Gerard Manley Hopkins - along with one of her letters. It made an everlasting impression.

Some twenty years later Jackie, now my wife (we married in February 1972), was still sending letters to her husband in far-flung corners of the globe. I was, by then, a member of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra and touring regularly. To make sense of the countless hours on the tour bus, I embarked on a lengthy spell of self-study. Armed with a portable keyboard, headphones and a library of books by the likes of Schoenberg, Piston and Hindermith, long, tedious journeys would literally fly by. But what to do with all this newly discovered knowledge?

In 1991 I was considering leaving the PRO and purchased a good deal of recording equipment with the intention of opening a commercial recording studio. It never happened. Instead I set up a private facility of my own. And, at that time, being dead keen on the works of Phillip Glass, John Adams, Steve Reich and Harrison Birtwhistle, I set about composing orchestral pieces of music. By 1992 I had a lot of material but no raison d'etre. And then I remembered the Windhover. It proved the perfect vehicle for what I wanted to do.

This isn't rock music (although there are passages with drums and bass) and it doesn't include any saxophone. It's purely orchestral. But it is accessible and you could liken it, I suppose, to something that Mike Oldfield might do. And of course, I didn't have a real orchestra at my disposal. I used a sound module known as Proteus/2 Orchestral, which in the early nineties was state-of-the-art sampling technology. Actually, it's no slouch these days and I still use it from time to time.

Also included on this disc is a piece entitled Silk City, originally composed for a contemporary music ensemble I formed, in 1995. We performed this piece, along with others in a similar vein, at London's Bridge Lane Theatre in the same year before disbanding.

The Windhover costs £7.50 plus £2.00 post and packing. .......Any questions? - send an email to keith@musichothouse.demon.co.uk....Keith's web site.... http://www.keithgemmell.com/...


...Audience 1st visit to the Boom Boom Sutton Sunday 13th March 2005.

..Ticket for night..

..Stage B4 the group perform.

..Audience at Boom Boom on Sunday 13th March 2005 taken approx 10pm

..Funny lighting that night pics not to clever, bit to dark!

..Side view band in full flight.

..Smallish Venue but the sound was excellent.

..John Fisher

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