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... Page 14....Thursday 23rd sep 2004 Robin 2 Gig Bilston Wolverhampton Top Of Page

... Page 14....Wednesday 9th March 2005 Robin 2 Gig Bilston Wolverhampton Bottom Of Page

...Ticket for the Event and what an event ! Thursday 23rd September 2004 on a "warm" evening the Mighty Audience play their 1st gig in over 30 years in Wolverhampton. Pictures a bit hazy im afraid. I remember the fairly long drive up to Wolverhampton that afternoon, it was unusually mild and warm and no rain. Robin 2 Venue in Bilston (a suburb of Wolverhampton) was pretty easy to find, With a car park at the rear which was free that time of day unusual!

.Front of Venue after 2004 gig. During 2005 Renovations.

..The 1st time in over 30 years live on stage. A huge cheer went up when Audience took to the stage. But what would they collectively sound like after all this time, has time taken its toll on the roaring vocals of Howard Werth can Keith Gemmell still make that screaming wall of sound on the Horns, Trevor Williams has the Bass man still got what it takes. And what of the new drummer John Fisher, how can he ever take the seat of the incredible Tony Connor would we all be disappointed after such huge expectations?

..With the 1st notes of "you’re not smilin" I think the whole crowd probably felt like I did, huge grin on my face and my jaw dropped I just could not believe live on stage "Audience" playing one of my all time favourite songs we were not disappointed how can just 4 people make that huge sound! And Howard's vocals lost no power whatsoever. Mind you he was great at his solo gigs in 2001 and 2002 at Astor Deal. Anyone got any pictures of that one ? let me know cheers.

..Its just a shame that I did not have a better camera that evening, could have got some great shots.The Audience classics rolled off one by one. Cant quite remember all the songs that evening. If my memory is right, Friends friend friend, Nothing you do, House on the hill, Leave it unsaid, Ravioli, I think they may have even played Waverly Stagecoach. A more with it Fan may be able to email me with set list for the evening, I was lost in that moment in time.

..Howard playing "Ravioli".The evening was split into 2 x 1 hour sessions with a break midway. We probably all needed a break to absorb the sheer enormity of the event.

..The evening flew past very quickly, and the band signed memorabilia ect in the dressing room to the right of the stage afterwards. They looked and sounded like they had a great time. 30+ years! seemed like yesterday.

... Wednesday 9th March 2005 Audience play the Robin 2 once again.

..Ticket says to be Live Album Recording but Album already recorded in Dec 2004 At Astor Theatre Deal.

..Stage setting before Audience play.

..TW checks for the exit

.."You Off Trev"

.."No i think ill stay a for a bit"

.."Trevs staying"

.. A Jubilant "Raviole" sounded across the land Live, yes Live.

.Keith Gemmell. Howard Werth...

..Trev Williams.......John Fisher.....

..HW.. KG Multi Instrumentalist...

1 used bass.A bit KingBrill maybe

.Ticket for Audience and Welsh Rockers Man 28th September 2005.We broke down on M1 halfway up, so didn't get to gig agh! Anyone got pictures for this show let me know cheers. Also pics of Renfrew Ferry gig wanted.

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