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Page 18....Howard Werth Fan site Interview.

Hi Howard thanks for doing this Q+A item as per conversation at Hove for the Audience Fan site. HW "Hi Peter well here they are"

FS. 1) Did you come from a musical or theatrical family ?

HW "As has been mentioned in newsletters my aunt Jessie who played Ringo's aunt Jessie (Magical Mystery tour film, Roman Polanski's film, The Fearless Vampire Killers) was a professional drummer as well as a character actress and I saw a lot of her in my younger years and may have been influenced by her somewhat, on my father's side my uncle Harry (ginger) also had a musical and comedy act called Vale and Kaye (Paul Kaye's father I believe)".

FS. 2) When did you first take notice of music, what particular sound(s) did you like, and how did you get to hear about different types and styles being played ?

HW "My first conscious thought about music was listening to the radio at about 2 or 3 yrs old and hearing a trad jazz piece and being aware that all these different instruments were playing different things at the same time and that somehow it all seemed to fit together and make sense. However I didn't go on to become a trad fan particularly. but when rock 'n' roll started a short while later I was hooked".

FS. 3) What venues did you go to see live music, who was playing ?

HW "My earliest live performance was with my parents to see Pat Boone at the London Palladium next was with friends to see Gene Vincent two times at the Walthamstow Granada (the Granada cinema circuit was where most big American artists toured in the early sixties) then I saw Little Richard with 15 yr old Billy Preston on organ, supported by Sam Cook, all of who were absolutely magnificent next (still at the Walthamstow Granada) I saw James Brown & the Famous Flames another great show. Then I saw the tour with Bobby. Darin, Duane Eddy & Clyde McPhatter at another Granada I forget which one, there were many more gigs like that, alongside youth club gigs with people like Brian Poole & the Tremoloes and the Paramount’s (later to become Procul Harem) . A little later the English r'n'b scene started and the scene in Ham yard Soho as well as the flamingo all nighters and the suburban gigs like the Blue Opera club at Cooks Ferry Inn Edmonton where people like Screaming Jay Hawkins, Sonny boy Williamson, Jimmy Reed (who we supported as the lloyd Alexander Blues Band) as well as home-grown greats such as Spencer Davis group (with Steve Winwood) Grahame Bond Organisation ( my choice for one of the true greats of British music) John Mayall's Bluesbreakers etc. etc.".

FS. 4) How and when did you take up the guitar in particular playing a nylon strung type instead of electric lead or steel strung guitar as per you’re peer's at the time. Was it you’re 1st choice of musical instruments when thinking of playing music ?

HW "I had played a variety of electric metal strung guitars up until I bought a nylon strung guitar for home use, as it was not going to annoy the neighbours so much as it was quieter, at which point I started to really like the feel of the guitar and really wished I could get an electric version, which didn't exist at that time, one day walking past the Baldwin piano shop in London there in the window was an electric nylon strung guitar, the first ever design which purportedly was a by product of the U.S space program, the rest is history ".

FS. 5) Did learning the guitar come naturally to you, did you have any lessons and do you read music ?

HW "My first guitar was for my 10th birthday and was played every day from that day on it cost £3.50. I had a few lessons from a Swedish teacher after about 5 years of playing and he tought me some great techniques which have stayed with me. I don't read music it gives me a headache and spots in front of the eyes ".

FS. 6) How did you develop the unique Howard Werth sound ?

HW " I probably ended up guitar wise by listening to piano players more than other guitarists and vocally by trying to sing like Ray Charles and failing ".

FS. 7 ) What were you're expectation's and ambition's for Audience at their height in the 70's. ?

HW "World domination and fabulous riches out of creating something original".

FS. 8) How and why did Audience avoid stardom and fame at the time.?

HW "I think rather it avoided us".

FS. 9) After you recorded the "6 of one" album there was a long break before "the evolution myth" cd arrived what were you doing musically during this period.?

HW "I set up a record label 4D light and was involved with two recording studios in East London I also briefly had a band called 4D MAN which did a smattering of gigs in the mid 80's".

FS. 10) I spoke to you after the solo gig at the Astor Deal festival august 2002 and we talked about how close the other ex members of Audience lived nearby, was it in you’re thoughts to reform the group at that moment in time. ?

HW "We had discussed the idea on several occasions but when Keith suggested it in 2004 I mentioned it to an agent who said he would get some gigs if we reformed and that was the impetus that kick started the whole process".

FS. 11) What are you’re hopes and expectation's of the reformed Audience.?

HW "World domination and fabulous riches out of creating something original."

FS. 12) Will we ever hear Indian Summer a real fan's favourite live once again, can Trevor be persuaded to play it. ?

HW "Possibly"

FS. 13) Who are you’re icons of music past and present. What latest music or cd's do you listen to. ?

HW "A lot of my icons I have mentioned in passing such as James Brown, Ray Charles, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Grahame Bond but then I like a lot of later artistes and bands such as New York’s' Television & Talking Heads. Today’s artists I would say that lot that did Hey Ya!( I've forgotten their name) Shaggie, some Radiohead, Muse,Goldfrapp,white stripes, and I thought the Who were great on Live 8 "

I hope that will suffice, the gig in Burg Herzberg went really well by the way. Howard

friday gig list Burgh Herzberg. Friday: 13.00 Audience 15:00 Mostly Autumn 17:00 Anekdoten 19:00 Love with Arthur Lee 21:00 Big Brother & the Holding Company 23:00 Ozric Tentacles 01:00 Space Ritual

Many thanks to HW for taking the time out to answer a few questions.

.Howard supporting Letz Zep Dorking.

.Howard supporting Letz Zep Dorking.

.Howard supporting Letz Zep Dorking.

.Stage at Dorking Halls.