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....Page 4...Phoenix Exeter 24th October 2004. Set list inc Youre not Smilin, Jackdaw, House on the Hill, Raviole, Man on a Box. ##This venue was used by BBC1 Question time Late October 2006.###


...The entance to the Phoenix Exeter, a very impresive frontage indeed. ....The Band made there way into the Theatre for the show, shortly after the audience were ushered into the seating area.The Theatre itself was a fantastic auditorium the stage was flat on the floor with raised seats going up to the heavens at the top. HW said something like move around a little and give it a feel there are more people in the arena. I must admit to being bemused at the time to the lack of people but i suppose this was one of the 1st comeback gigs of 2004 and maybe the West Country do not appreciate what they would be missing, and as said b4 who wants to go out on a Sunday Night in Winter.

....Audience on stage at Phoenix Exeter. Crowd seated event....

....Not a huge crowd turned up for the very much under publicised event, but those who did had a fantastic evening, and really appreciated the quality of the music being played all evening...

....Howard playing his "Exeter version" of Raviole

....Keith Gemmell in full swing. John Fisher to left

....Trevor Williams great fuzz Bass solo section during "Jackdaw"

....John Fisher feeling his way into the Audience sound

....Audience take a bow after an excellent evening

....Howard signing fans memorabilia after the show. The Band are allways happy to please the fans and chat about past gigs and future events.

..Allmost 2 years to the day Audience played the venue. BBC1 Question time comes from the Phoenix Exeter late October 2006.

..Note "Audience Producer" in titles.

..View looking downward to the stage.

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