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Not Audience story but a link via Keith Gemmell and Audience past gigs. A message from Andrew Cresswell Davis (Andy Davis) aka of Stackridge and the Korgis fame, and a truly great Singer / Songwriter, and the original John Lennon look alike. Forget Noel Gallagher, Andy truly looked like J.L. at the time.

Hi Andy great to hear you may be playing the Boom Boom Sutton in April, with Stackridge once again. What will the line up be if you play there. I run the Audience Fansite and have placed a link to your'e site. Ps long long time ago when very young, I was Thrasher 127 (still got my membership card) when it was run out of Cranley Gdns Kensington.

Hi Peter, A thrasher aye? Sorry for the delay in replying to you - I'm really looking forward to the possibility of doing some gigs with Audience. That would be great. I've always consider Keith is a true friend of mine - we have quite a bit of history between us - say hello from me. Hope to meet at a gig soon. Regards, Andy.

.. A little bit about me. I was just a bit to young when Audience arrived on the scene in the late 60s. But a little later with friends somehow managed to sneak into the Legendary Marquee Club in Wardour St W1 in the early 70s.I saw totally unique bands such as Stackridge, who Keith ironically joined later on and I think I saw him with them at the Shaw Theatre Euston a while late a freebie from Rocket Records being a very young "thrasher" and I sat near to Mr Elton John who had a rather beautifull red headed woman with him! They were the days. The Climax Chicago Blues Band, who had a hit song after dropping the Chicago bit of their name. The JSD Band from Scotland great fiddle player and guitarist, and plenty of other ones I just cannot remember, and of course Audience. They particularly stood out as here was a band whoís Lead Guitarist played not an Electric Guitar but a Nylon Strung Guitar. Something which most young people had sitting in the corner of their room. And a drummer who played a solo without Drumsticks, I was hooked. By then the "1st album" on Polydor had been released and "Friends" was released. I remember buying 2 or 3 copies of the 1st album, and giving away to friends what a fool, but keeping one copy. Oh to have bought a box full.

Indian Summer was released and played as a power play once every hour on radio Luxembourg in between the signal fading back and forward on my tiny trannie, but still did not Chart. What ever happened to Emperor Roscoe et al? "Youíre Not Smilin" the same fate. On the release of House On The Hill I used to argue with friends at school boldly stating Audience were the most individual sounding groups of all time and HOTH was the best Album ever released, probably a bit strong on reflection, and on there demise after "Lunch" which I think is a much better Album than certain people give it credit , felt a bit deflated as I expected them to reach the dizzy heights lesser bands had achieved. Tried to follow as best as I could the solo careers of the individual members through the music press New Musical Express and Sounds ect. Kept a few posters and memorabilia most of which has now disintegrated. Saw HW maybe was to join the Doors but released "@?£%KING BRILLIANT" & "Six of One" ect. Found out later he played 2 miles down the road from me in Howard Werth and the Moonbeams days in Fairfield Hall, Croydon,and Audience played in Twickenham during the 80s a stones throw, but at the time I had no idea. Trevor part of Jonathon Kellyís Outside Band we saw Jonathon Kelly in feb 2006 at Astor Deal ,a one man show he was great a true showman. Keith part of Stackridge then The Passedena's.Tony Connor of to Hot Chocolate. Then a long spell until the Internet age when found on www "Howard Werth to play Astor Theatre Deal Kent Solo 2001 Acoustic Event".Saw there was for some unknown reason no Fan Site dedicated to the Group so set about doing so, and hopefully trying to do them justice, the Journey continues.

A message from Trev Williams "Hi Peter, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I appreciated the fan site. See you at Sutton." Trev Williams

My thanks to Audience for Link on there website .Newsletter 3 by Trev Williams re fan site " Our thanks to Peter Shortle, who has set up a website at www.audiencefansite.co.uk which he hopes will be visited by anyone interested in the band. It also provides you with the opportunity to make rude comments about us without our being able to track you down! "

Hi ,Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Camden gig Sat 26th and will definitely go see the band again. Shame they didnít play "I Had a Dream" though I spose we all have our favourites and there's not enough time for all of them. Cheers Gary Howchen.

Hi Gary getting quite a few emails from Audience fans it shows thereís still a lot of interest out there, so we must keep momentum going or loose out in the long run. I agree with 3 bands playing it was quite a short set compared to other evenings. Also missing was Howard doing his extended "Raviole solo" a real treat and I donít think he did the Beatles "I want to be youíre man".(Howard also did a version of the Beatles" Im looking through you" when he played a solo gig at the Astor Deal, august bank holiday 2002) . I think the venue staff at the Underworld wanted the place cleared to quickly not allowing the band to sign or chat to fan's afterwards. peter.

Hello, Arrived at your site via the band's links page but couldn't see much apart from the 'Page 1' photo and updated message re Underworld gig. I was there that night and most enjoyable it was. Is the site under construction or have I some technical barrier to seeing more? Good luck with it anyhow. JF

Hi JF (johneth) have checked via various people to see if website downloads ok,and have checked myself using 3 different operating systems Win xp/Win 98/Win 95 donít know how it looks on Mac's system o/s perhaps someone might tell me. all seemed ok.Some of the pages are quite big files and take some time to download. If anyone else has a problem let me know, and I will work on cutting file sizes down. Peter

Dear Peter, I have just had a look through you site and want to say thanks to you for investing the time, effort and enthusiasm into this. I really enjoyed your selection of pics and memorabilia in particular. I wanted to let you know that last month I started Audience a Go-Go in yahoo groups/music. As of today, I have a link to your site there. There are hardly any member so far but I am expecting that to change soon. The good thing about yahoo groups is its a chat friendly environment where people can post anytime, take part in scheduled real time chats, polls and add photos of their own, I am sure you are familiar with the groups format. I just appreciate what you have done and wanted to say so, if you are interested and ever want to take a peek around here is the link: Audience a Go-Go Thanks Again, Amanda Dungan-Clark Aberdeen, Scotland. Hi Amanda will of course view site. Have you been able to catch Audience at all as they did play the Renfrew ferry Glasgow (the only gig I couldnít attend) Hopefully I will get to Camden Underworld sat week 26th and get a few more pics,also a few other fans have promised some interesting memorabilia but you know what time does to paper and clippings etc.Keep up the promoting work peter. Amanda has an AUDIENCE chat friendly site where you can post comments real time. Well done Amanda.

Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply.Unfortunatly by the time I discovered Audience had reformed, they had already played Glasgow. I REALLY hope they can make it North of the border again. I have been in the U.K for almost a year and haven't made it down south as of yet. I am a 27 year old American expat married to an Aberdonian and never in my wildest dreams imagined I'd ever have the remotest of chances to see Audience perform. I am looking forward to seeing your next set of pics. I am slightly jealous lol. Great to speak with a fellow enthusiast though. Take Care, Amanda P.S I've not found shirts or mugs anywhere on the Audience site or Howard's site,are they only being sold at shows at the moment or am I somehow missing the links lol? Hi Amanda, great to hear from an American Lady fan of the band and a young fan at that. Hopefully Howard should have tee shirts / mugs posted on his web site shortly, They were for sale at gigs, and Howard said they would be on line soon, these things do take time to set up. Lets hope Audience play in the Scottish region of the country so loyal fans like Amanda get the chance to witness real legend's in action. Peter.

Peter, Obviously you were at the gig 2 nights ago (assuming you took the photos*). Wow, that was a near thing. let's hope the Baldwin hasn't retired to Guitar Heaven. Anyway, I thought this was the tightest of the 4 sets I'd seen since last October. John has truly earned his Audience-stripes, I was really impressed with the way his style has developed, very powerful with appropriate idiosyncrasies. As for Howard, Trevor and Keith - all seemed happy despite the Baldwin trauma - 3 top-class musicians at their best. I took three mates along, two of whom were Audience virgins, and they were mightily impressed. Now that the band are on a roll, let's trust that the promoters get some more gigs lined up. Any thoughts on starting a pressure group, we can't let such a good thing fade away due to under-promotion? Incidentally, bought a couple of mugs and a T-shirt which I intend wearing in Spain this summer. I'll let you know if there are any old hippies still hanging around the Costaís who recognise the band. Regarding the reel-to-reel tape (Live broadcast) I mentioned previously, I'm booking some time (hopefully this week) in my mate's studio to try and extract onto CD. Howard was asking about this and I've offered him the 'master copy' to decide if the band can use it before I offer copies to others. Still, we only have to wait 3 weeks for the 'Deal live' CD. Also, looking forward to the Astoria DVD as I missed the last hour of the gig due to "Guinness-fatigue".* I've attached a couple of photos of my own from last Saturday. The second one proves that Audience fans come in all ages, sexes and sizes (couldn't resist taking it, the guy by the stage looked blissfully happy and away with the fairies !). Keep up the good work, Dave Dyment

Dave Dyment is another devotee of the AUDIENCE sound, and has spent considerable time and effort compiling the discography posted on the audience website. As well as this Dave has reel to reel tapes from over 30 years ago of the band playing on the radio and collected the whole (I believe) of the record collection including foreign pressings. Hi Dave ,yes me and my better half were there fantastic evening. I bet you someone spots youíre tee shirt in Spain. We are merrily drinking tea from our mugs as I write this. John has truly earned his stripes. I have been posting fan site on every available URL posting site I find.Youre right about being on a roll, and sustaining the mometum.it needs a good drive. peter

Hi ,I have waited 30+ years to see Audience again And it seems I've missed them. Only just seen your site,are there any more dates planned in the uk this year. Regards Alan Bardsley.Hi Alan, Great to hear from Audience fans. There must be a huge number out there who have no idea the Mighty Audience have reformed, word of mouth + the power of the www (it has its uses) spread the word.

AUDIENCE Dates booked so far. 15 July 2005 Nr. Frankfurt Burg Herzberg Festival. 9 July 2005 Florence.28 September 2005 Wolverhampton - Robin2, Bilston joint headline with Man.1 October London Borderline Club .Tickets can be purchased at 0870 060 3777 Price £10

HI Peter. some great shots of reformed AUDIENCE, they seem to have weathered time quite well (unlike some of us). I have been a fan since the start of the 70's when I saw them at the MARQUEE club wardour st London. Great to see them back and hope to see them soon hopefully they might play in my area as missed last few gigs due to not knowing they had reformed. Michael from Suffolk........Hi Michael, letís hope the band are booked in youíre area soon. Mind you Audience are at the Robin 2 Bilston, Wolverhampton in September, straight across country really for you, well worth the effort. It is a really good venue with easy car parking. It needs promoter's and venues all over the UK as well as abroad, to book the band peter.

Checked Audience site and saw youíre link, great pictures of the band. I must admit I thought that there was no way Audience would ever play again and resigned myself to that view. Its really great that I might get to see them play once again. Keep up the good work Michael .Bristol.

Hi Peter, I have been banging on about Audience to all my friends for over 30 years and driving them mad. Now hopefully I can take them to a see Audience live, and they just might realise what a great band Audience are and see what they have missed out all these years. House on the hill rules. James

Hello Pete. I was at the Underworld shame about Howardís guitar but it should be ok with all the latest amps available and probably not much wrong anyway. Enjoyed site took a bit of time to download but "worth" the wait Paul London.

I sent a couple of e-mailís to Pete Feenstra (told you another Pete) who put on a blinding show at the Boom Boom club, Sutton Football club,(loads of free car parking at this venue) re-rebooking Audience in the near future and re-Sunday night bookings for the band, as well as the climax blues band name in the 70s, Pete was very helpful, and here are his reply's (1st reply from Pete Feenstra) "Hi Pete, yep Climax Chicago Blues band, as in Whole loota Bottle fame, just had lunch with Howard Werth today, and am working on other Audience show". regards, Pete.(2nd reply from Pete) "In fact I wasn't too disappointed by Sutton as the gig was put in at little more that two and a half weeks notice, and we missed the press deadline. In fact just about everyone there came from my mail and email shot, and they all enjoyed the show. We were talking about how to tie in Audience's musical legacy with people they have influenced in the present".Regards, Pete. This sounds like great news for the future, more gigs required please Promoter's and Venue's who want to witness a real legendary band playing Unique live music. Pete Feenstra's websitePete Feenstra for real live music by fantastic groups and musician's who can actually play.

email from Dave Dyment 29th may 05 ties in with above message from Peter Feenstra regarding having lunch with HW. Peter My spies found out that Howard will be playing the Bulls Head in Barnes on 20th June. I've corroborated this with the man himself, who advises he'll be doing the gig with John Fisher playing percussion, They are also playing support to Caravan at the Old Market in Hove on the 10th of June! The set will include a couple of Audience songs, some of Howard's solo stuff and a few obscure covers of everybody from Ray Charles to Roy C...... "and a few odd bits and pieces". HW says "It's all an experiment but hopefully if it works well there'll be more". I enquired about the health of the trusty Baldwin and it "seems to be ok thus far but prayers would be appreciated". Please spread the gospel for the Audience faithful out there. Dave Dyment

Hi Peter I live in Basildon Essex, just ordered a couple of tickets to see Audience at Wolverhampton in September can't make the London gig, I was going to see them in Florence booked the holiday as well for next week but they have changed the date never mind still going down on the bike anyway. I saw them a few times in the late 60s early 70s fantastic band but it all fell apart when Keith left just not the same without him looking forward to seeing them again after 30 odd years, I've got all the albums even the first one. Regards Alan Bardsley

Above a message from Peter Strickland. We all agree with this STATEMENT I believe Pete, from the other peter (there are so many Peterís who like audience Iím getting confused.) ps if you can, let us know from what area you are emailing thanks.

Contact/Agency / If you want to book Audience send an email to:luminousrecords@hotmail.com

A great big thanks to Wilfried from Nuremberg for sending great pictures of Audience (page 13) at the BurgHerzberg gig from Friday 15th July 2005 Wilfried says "Hi Audience were the best at Herzberg! I really appreciated their perfomance.what a band! I never saw them before, though I got all their records (and the Stackridge stuff with Keith Gemmell as well)! glad they are back! Cheers Wilfried".

Hi, Peter! Thanks for putting the pictures on your fan site! Great! By the way, I really enjoy the site! Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact set-list, but they played at least three numbers from the very first album (among those were Leave It Unsaid And Man On The Box). I think two from Friend's Friend (It Brings A Tear, Nothing You Do) and lots from (my favourite album) House On The Hill (the title-track, Jackdaw, I Put A Spell On You, You're not Smiling, I Had A Dream). They also played Zigzag & Swirled and I Want To Be Your Man from Howard's latest solo-album. The encore was a cover of Morning Dew. Please find enclosed four more pictures. Best wishes from Nuremberg (though I originally hail from Hamburg), Ticket for BurgHerzberg kindly sent in by Wilfried.

I don't beleeeeve it.!! .to coin a phrase....my fave band of the 70s re-formed (where have I been)...I saw them in Corby of all places in I think 72/73 and I have not fully recovered since...what a great band who still sound amazing unlike many of their peers...anyway, off to check the gig guide and see you there!! Peter Rowlands London .

Hi there...been on the website/fan site and seen the date for Sheffield Boardwalk 26th September. My only criticism is that there are lots of pictures of ticket stubs, vinyl singles and gig photos but very little information regarding the reformed band. Are they playing all the old classics from the four albums? Are they including any of the stuff from Howard's "King Brilliant" & "Six" albums? Reviews of previous gigs would have been far more useful. I really liked Audience, and saw them at the City Hall in Sheffield when I was a mere teenager in search of some quality music that wasn't run of the mill. Audience hit the spot and I have treasured their albums for years. I did find Howard's solo efforts a little staid and stilted compared to the band stuff, though the "Six" album was, I feel, the better of the two, particularly the covers of old standards such as "Smokestack" & "Itty Bitty Pretty One". Howard has a unique voice and a distinctive style of delivery that makes the songs have a quality that seems timeless. I'd love to jog back down Memory Lane with them and hear all of the songs from "House On The Hill" & some of the stuff from "Friends'" - particularly the title track and "It Brings a Tear"...Time alone will tell if that's where they're headed on the live dates, but I hope they do. My wife and her brother have become fans through my constant brainwashing techniques of repeated playing during late night talk sessions, and they too are looking forward to seeing the band... Paul R. Scott.

Thanks Paul, have taken note of pauls useful comment's re gig revue's and will address. Welcomed Paul to do a revue of the Sheffield gig and would put it on fansite.As we now know it was cancelled so hopefully when he gets to see them live will put on site.

Here is a message from John Hopson who witnessed the band on numerous occasions. In the late 60's and early 70's I must have seen the band at least 30 times in London and so on. I still have the albums, but are there any CD versions available? I see a date in London soon, but I would be interested to know more dates, and indeed where the locations are. Its been years since I have seen the band live and would love to see them again. Howard Thompson , who used to work at Trident studios where most of the albums were recorded, ( I worked at Pye) , and I really enjoyed watching the band, but now we are all older and fatter!! After Pye, I went on to join Mungo Jerry as a rodie for 7 years. I have cc this to my office, so a reply to both would be good please. I am now the assistant director of operations for the London Ambulance Service, not quite a rock and role life style any more. Kind regards John Hopson.

...I have just been in touch with Keith re the Feb/Mar dates Ė having noticed that The Borderline had a different act listed for 24th March. It turns out that the Astor gig is still on the date listed (25th Feb) but the Borderline gig has been rearranged because the bad will be touring in Canada! I have just checked the website and they are now listing 26th May for the Borderline. Many thanks for all your hard work on the website! Best wishes, Chris Tyas Malden, Essex

Hi Peter I emailed you last year about the chances of Audience coming to Canada. Well my dream came true. Last night I saw them in Winnipeg, only 30 miles from my home. I cannot describe how fantastic the show was! Got all their autographs too! Anyways I wanted to leave the first "Canadian" review on the website.(see page 8 )Thanks, Michael Hochman

Review of the Canadian show on March 24, 2006 in Winnipeg: I saw Audience in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last night. All I can say is EXCELLENT! What an outstanding show!! I cannot believe how well the band sounds especially Howard's voice. It was very obvious the band was playing purely for the love of music as they looked like they were having a blast. They played for over 2 hours and stayed after the show to sign autographs for the fans. It was a thrill to meet them all. THANKS so much for reforming. You guys are all great!!!! .Michael Hochman.

..A message from Heidi Kroeger who saw the band in Winnipeg. Audience are quite unique and one interesting thing is how they were embraced in Winnipeg, Canada. There is a lot of creativity here in Winnipeg, being a remote prairie city that is burdened by an intense winter for sometimes over 4 months of the year. People spend a lot of time indoors listening to and making music. Anyway, being somewhat of a "small town" word of mouth is very powerful here and in the 70's virtually everyone had a copy of the Audience House on the Hill. ( A copy of some sort of course because we were all pirating back then too by making cassettes) The concert was amazing and a powerful bonding experience I think the band felt it too, they seemed blown away with out enthusiasm, and let me tell you its not always like that. I've seen concerts where the audience sat quietly in their seat clapped politely and left it was over. The band Audience played two encores for us the second night and we'd still be there if they would have stuck around. I hope they return in a year or two for a follow up. My goal is to meet and entertain them when they do come back - now how can I make that happen? Sincerely Heidi Kroeger Winnipeg Manitoba

...Audience Fan site My kids who are always very picky about what they listen to, think Audience are as cool as Peter Hammill ! It is difficult to express what this magical music means and as a child, I always found 'Audience' compelling listening. I felt it was a great privilege not only to witness their recent stunning performances at the UK 'Borderline' and 'Boom-Boom' clubs; but also to converse with the talented members of the band. A work colleague whom I persuaded to see Audience at the Borderline was most impressed and like me, had a great evening. So I went for a repeat performance at the 'Boom-Boom' club. Another great gig after which I was compelled to buy 'House on the Hill' and 'Friend's Friend's Friend'. Hope to see more gigs in the South-East soon. Best wishes - Julian Thompson

...Hello I recently found the audience are back website, im a massive fan im only 18 and audience was probably the first music I heard and I rediscovered them about three years ago and as I have began to perform myself I find they are a big influence, my father was also a very big fan of the band and saw them many times, and he maintains they are one of the best bands he's ever seen, I would very much like to see them, however when I looked on the gig list on the website it didnít mention any forthcoming gigs, I wonder if you could tell me if they have any intention of touring in the near future? and if they have any intention of coming to the north east?, if they have this would be very exciting for me as I never thought Iíd see them live. thanks Paul Smith

....A message from Zac Carroll Australia. Are the guys touring and lets get em to Australia. Thanks heaps peter it would be fantastic to get em down here im a muso myself and ive loved audience for ages now .anyway hope everythingís great for you and the band. Keep in touch I know a lot band bookers here and venue owners and it would no trouble to get good crowds to see them.we,ve got a couple of really good community radio stations here which I know would be glad to promote them.ok catch ya soon. zac Carroll

# Gig news for 2006! Nothing on line at the moment keep checking Audience official Website..... www.audienceareback.com.......email fan site ......audience fansite@hotmail.co.uk ....