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...Page 7 Top of page Howard and John play The Old Market Hove/Brighton support to Caravan 10/06/05.

...Page 7 Bottom of page Howard and John play the Bulls Head Barnes 20/06/05.

...Unofficially billed as "Howard Werth and his performing monkey"!

..Flyer.....Ticket for evening Howard and john not named on Ticket! Very few people new about gigs as no publicity at all.Howard told me in the Bar afterwards (you guessed a Jack Daniels) There inclusion was a very hastily concluded deal.Nice Venue fairly packed out inside mainly for headline group Caravan. Opened shortish set with Zig Zag and Swirl, Mango Man (brilliant!) I Had a Dream john on electric keyboard. Aleph, Dont you rock me daddy o by one of howards influences Lonnie Donegan who HW lived near in east london,and would go round to his house to get autographs of. Obsolete.

.The Venue. Just seen on news Jazz legend George Melly collapses on stage Old Market Hove Jan 2007

..Mainly the whole audience were there to see Caravan, the front was taken over with there supporters. I dont think many had heard the music of HW but gave him and JF a rousing response to each song.

..HW Talks to the audience

..We were a fair way from stage so pics not to clever.


...Then on 20 June 2006 Howard and John played the Bulls Head Barnes London SW13.

...Ticket for HW and John Barnes.

...Outside of the Venue. Parking was easy that day.

...On one of the hottest days of the summer 2005,Wimbledon Tennis just up the road was in full flight. We arrived at the Bulls Head Barnes right next to the River Thames. Look over the wall in the early part of the year and the Oxford + Cambridge Boat Race would be streaming past on the River. Howard and John wanted to keep it low key event with just Guitar and Percussion. The front of the building was the pub area the venue was to the right at the rear.A few familiar faces turned out including the other Howard from I think the Essex region.It was quite a journey for him and he was worried about getting home after the gig.

...Not one of the largest crowds turned out, but if you were not there you missed an event that I dont think will ever happen again allmost a parlour type of gig truly magical!

...Although obviously frustrated at the lack of a huge crowd HW and JF gave what was one of the most memorable to me shows I have seen them play. Faultless Guitar playing and Vocals you missed Howard play live "Aint the Man you need" from Lunch, and Live version of "English Carnival" John on Percussion and keyboards with his usual wit was superb a true find for Audience, and with the gigs Unofficially billed as "Howard Werth and his performing monkey"! they can take anything thrown at them with a smile, they have been there seen it and bought the Tee Shirts.

...The Baldwin sounded crisp and sweet HW was on top form!

..JF on Electric Piano HW says He is a mean Trombonist as well.

.."G" Power chord from HW I Wanna Be Youre Man.