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...Page 8 Review and pictures of the Canadian show on March 24,2006 in Winnipeg: By Michael Hochman,Winnipeg, Manitoba.

...Page 8 Review and pictures in middle part of Page Lula Lounge Toronto Canada By Nick Harding

...Page 8 Review and pictures bottom of page Corktown Tavern Hamilton by Jay Davies

... I saw Audience in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last night. All I can say is EXCELLENT! What an outstanding show!! The venue is quite small only holding about 700 people. It has been converted from an old movie theatre.

Every seat is great. The atmosphere was electric! Winnipeggers are huge Audience fans. I heard a rumour that our city sold the most "The House on the Hill" albums than all of North America combined! And by the way the crowd reacted...I have to believe it. Both shows in Winnipeg sold out very quickly and there were quite a few people in the "standing room only" section.

The opening act was a local jazz band called Swingsoniq. They played for about 45 minutes. Audience played 2 sets each lasting a little over an hour. They played almost the entire House on the Hill album plus many more including some of Howard's solo material.

They came out for two encores after the crowd went crazy requesting more and more! I cannot believe how well the band sounds especially Howard's voice. It was like listening to the CD. It was very obvious the band was playing purely for the love of music as they looked like they were having a blast.

They played for over 2 hours and stayed after the show to sign autographs for the fans. I heard that the band signed autographs for over 2 hours after the March 23rd show the night before. Talk about devotion to your fans!!

It was a thrill to meet them all. If you ever have a chance to see them...GO GO GO! Trust me. A few of my friends are now regretting that they skipped this show. There were t-shirts, caps, posters and every Audience / Howard Werth CD available for purchase at the venue.

I really hope that they return to play in our city again. THANKS so much to all the Audience band members for reforming. I never thought it would ever happen. You guys are all fantastic musicians!!!! Michael Hochman Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

...A message from Linda Olson from Canada. Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know that last evening was one the best I've had in a very long time. I could hardly believe I was seeing and hearing Audience. I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. I made sure I got up close and personal and damn nearly cried when Trevor W. mentioned the email requests for "Indian Summer". So thank you for whatever part you played in bringing this blast from the past to Canada. We are forever grateful. Linda O.

Thanks Linda, all of us Audience Fans in the UK are really pleased that at last the word is spreading, and the memento needs to keep going to put Audience where they belong in the music history books, as one of the greatest unique individual sounding bands ever. ps I can't claim any part in the Canada trip its just a privilege to help give web space to my lifelong favourite band. And I still owe them all a drink for playing Indian Summer at Deal Kent uk but unfortunately I was not able to attend due to sickness so missed one of my all-time favourites.

Fantastic show that lived up to all my expectations. I never expected to see one of my favourite classic bands in Winnipeg after soooooo many years! They played You're Not Smiling, and Jack-Daw to open the show and I got shivers and every hair on my body(I'm pretty hairy) stood up. The last time that happened was when I saw Bob Dylan in the mid 90's. There was an unfortunate problem with the bass guitar which delayed the show but Howard covered a good portion of the delay with a 10 min Raviole that was great! They played Indian Summer (due to overwhelming email requests), I had a Dream and Nancy to a crowd that went insane for them. I think the boys were a little taken aback by the huge ovation they got when they hit the stage. Winnipeg radio has been full of Audience songs since the 70's and their fan base here is very strong, and often quite drunk! I sent an email to Howard's label telling him to bring the band back to Winnipeg again for the next 5 years because they will sell a bunch of tickets. Thanks again to Audience and the Great Woods Festival that invited them to Winnipeg. James Walsh

...Fantastic to hear Canadian Audience F coming out in force to support the Band well done Canada!


...Lula Lounge in Toronto. Pictures and words by Canadian Fan Nick Harding. Thanks Nick.

...A very happy Howard Werth signing autographs after the gig on Sunday evening at the Lula Lounge in Toronto.

...Trevor Williams, The band was in fine form and the sound in the club was phenomenal. No equipment glitches here and crystal sound thanks to a new high def sound system in the club.

The venue was packed with people who all looked as if they'd been to the show the last time Audience was in town in 1971! A bit more grey hair but essentially the same clothes...

...Keith Gemmell.. I must say though that it was a blast seeing these guys with their smiling faces play to a very appreciative audience that gave thunderous applause to such hits as "Nancy", "House on the Hill" and especially "Seventeenth Summer".

..Howard Werth. I only wish they could have played longer as the time seemed to pass far to quickly.

...John Fisher and Keith Gemmell enjoying a wee dram at the Lula Lounge. Kudos to Danny Marks - the opening act who is a Toronto singer, songwriter, radio host - who understood what the evening was about and gave us a very concise set that didn't intrude on the main act. Nick Harding (with greying hair...)

...Ticket for event and Nicks signed alive an kickin CD cover


A very big thank you to Jay Davies for excellent pictures and revue from the Corktown Tavern Hamilton gig

Hello Peter, and greetings from Niagara Falls, Canada (about 30 min. from Hamilton). I saw your request for pictures and review of the show at the Corktown in Hamilton on your most excellant website and decided to share my thoughts with all. So here we go.

I was introduced to the band 25 years ago via an older cousin who lived with us at the time. I always loved the "House on the Hill" album and when I found (quite by accident) that they were playing in Toronto, I was thrilled. Well imagine my surprise (and joy) to find out they were also playing a little pub in Hamilton, a much closer drive and a much smaller venue. They opened with "Your Not Smiling" and then into "Jackdaw". I knew right away this was going to be a great show.

I am unfamiliar with Howard's solo material but they played a few songs and they went over quite well. A Beatles cover, a James Brown cover preceded by a Keith solo number which was spoiled by sound problems, but while he looked quite pissed he didn't let it affect his playing. Quite the opposite, it seemed to elevate his playing. A true professional in every respect.

"Leave It Unsaid" and "Man On Box" from the first record. "Nothing You Do" or "It Brings A Tear" ( I can't remember which, could have been the pints) from the second, all but "Eye To Eye" and "I Put A Spell On You" from "House" and "In Accord" from "Lunch". Spotless. Never a dull moment.

There was no more than a 100 people at the gig, and while the band ( I feel ) should be drawing thousands, I was justifiably thrilled to be seeing them in a small venue, in front of a small crowd. It was so intimate!

If I didn't know better I would never have believed this band had been apart for over 30 years. They're voices, playing and overall sound was incredible!!!

As a dedicated rock fan I have seen most of the classic-rock bands that have toured in the last 30 years. Most ( the Stones, The Who, Purple, Sabbath, The Dead, the Eagles, Kiss, Aerosmith, Yes ) are not even worth going to see anymore through a combination of deminished talent and over-priced tickets.

We are truly lucky to be seeing such a classic band in such small venues, for relativly little money and still sounding fan-bloody-tastic!!!

After the show I got to meet the lads, had my picture taken with them, and enjoyed a pint with them.

They assurred me they would be coming back to Canada, and I assurred them I would buy a dozen tickets and personally bring a group of friends. I can't wait!!!

..Howard and the boys looking just a bit knackered! after the show. Come back soon, lads!!! Jay Davies..from Niagara Falls, Canada (about 30 min. from Hamilton).

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